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By: solartubsmkt | February 13, 2017

We can see a huge popularity of solar home space heating among the property owners in Northern USA, Europe and Canada. The solar home heating system has a high efficiency in smoothly operating at higher temperatures, as this system uses vacuum tubes. The vacuum tubes or solar evacuated tubes have the ability to perform in low light conditions and extreme temperatures like minus 35 degrees. It is believed that a homeowner can save up to 50 percent of their heating bill by integrating solar thermal with an existing heating system like the radiator or forced air heat.

What is it’s basic principle?The basic principle of a solar home space heating system is to capture the sun’s energy using the solar evacuated tube collectors. This helps the system to transfer the energy to a storage tank or concrete pad (which is used in the floor heating). The stored heat integrates with the existing other heating systems, which supplements the heat supply.

How is the System Designed?

The solar home space heating system is designed by using a special storage tank that allows a convenient solar storage during the day. This stored energy is easily released at night when the demand is usually higher. The storage tank of a solar home space heating system is used as the domestic hot water tank to ensure that both solar water heating and space heating can be done in one system. Designed with a Hybrid system the solar home space heating can replace the need for a Hydronic boiler as its 4.5 kW heater (built-in) and the solar energy will provide enough energy (up to 2,000 square feet of solar heated space). This type of integrated solar heating system offers the highest solar heating paybacks.

What are the Benefits of Solar Home Space Heating System?

It is found that the average American family spends a huge amount in a year on heating costs. In this case using a solar home space heating system will help you to take the advantage of the sun’s free and abundant energy to heat your home for free. Using a solar heating system to heat your home can help to reduce the high rising energy bills. One of the best things about solar home space heating systems is that it is environmentally friendly and helps in reducing carbon footprints (like air pollution and greenhouse gasses).

You can enjoy maximum savings by combining two Green Energy sources like solar home space heating with Geothermal heating. Northern Lights offers well designed and built solar space heating systems at the best price. With us, you will enjoy a cost-effective way to get the best home heating solutions. We are proud to be known as one of the world’s leading and reliable suppliers of solar water heaters and equipment (for residential and commercial applications).

To know more about our solar and geothermal heating systems, please contact us today at 1 -800 -317 -9054!



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